Study Highlights COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Tri-Cities’ Economy

Cover of a March 2022 report by the Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis.

Study Highlights COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Tri-Cities’ Economy

Study Highlights COVID-19’s Impact on the Tri-Cities’ Economy
Port of Kennewick Hired Eastern Washington University for Analysis

Kennewick, Wash. Port of Kennewick’s Board commissioned a study issued this week to better understand the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact on the Tri-Cities region.

Port of Kennewick Commissioners hired the Institute for Public Policy & Economic Analysis at Eastern Washington University. The consultant team, led by D. Patrick Jones, Ph.D., evaluated a variety of specific economic dimensions to provide a near-term outlook for the Tri-Cities region.

“The port’s mission is economic development, and we seek to follow a thoughtful, strategic approach to our endeavors. As we revitalize port-owned land in Kennewick’s Historic Waterfront District and prepare to open Vista Field for private-sector development, we wanted to assess local economic conditions,” said port CEO Tim Arntzen. “The commission’s forward-thinking approach in seeking this report will help the port – and other public and governmental entities in the region – better respond to community needs as we transition out of the pandemic.”

The report is available on Port of Kennewick’s website under the “Economic Impact” section at


Port of Kennewick is an economic development entity focused on developing assets to create sustainable family-wage jobs, build infrastructure and user-friendly transportation systems and enhance the quality of life within the port district.