Boat Moorage

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Available Slip

Unavailable Slip

Guest Moorage

Day-Use Parking


Covered Slip

Public Day-Use Restrooms

Fuel Docks

Public Boat Launch

Pumpout Station

Points of Interest

Private Parking

Public Parking


Marina/Port Offices

U.S. Coast Guard

Marina Amenities

  • No-fee, public boat launch
  • Public-use picnic areas
  • Day-use public restrooms
  • Ice, food & beverages available from Clover Island businesses
  • 24-hour diesel & gasoline (major credit cards only)
  • 30-amp/50-amp shore power and water
  • Seasonal marine dump station (free, self-serve system located on fuel dock)
  • Open and covered moorage (see Marina Map)
  • Guest Moorage ($15/night), 14-night maximum
  • Boat haul-out services (fee based)

The Clover Island Marina is adjacent to the Clover Island Inn hotel and several restaurants including Ice Harbor Brewing Company @ the Marina, Crow’s Nest Bar & Grill, and Cedars Restaurant & Lounge.

Moorage Rates & Fees

Covered Slip Rates

30' (up to 31')
35' (31'-36')
40' (36'-41')
60' (41'-61')

See length overall (LOA) diagram here.

  • Docks A, B, & C: Metered Quarterly
  • Benton PUD rates apply to actual meter reading unless Port locks meter

Uncovered Slip Rates

Personal Watercraft*
Northside*† (up to 21')
30' (up to 31')
35' (31'-36')
40' (36'-41')

* Month to Month; three-month minimum
† North of security gate, no pontoon boats

Guest Moorage Rates

$15/day or night
  • Registration with Port office required
  • Designated guest moorage areas
  • Electricity included with fee

Miscellaneous Fees

Transfer Fee
Replacement Gate Key

Moorage Lease Requirements

  • Valid state issued ID
  • Current vessel registration
  • Copy of insurance policy showing at least $1 million of liability coverage (both property and bodily injury) with Port of Kennewick named as additional insured
  • Completed Moorage Agreement
  • Completed Electricity Activation Request Form
  • Current Photo of Vessel
  • Vessel Inspection by Port of Kennewick Staff
  • Payment method by cash, check, bill pay, or electronic funds transfer

Watercraft Requirements

  • Seaworthy vessels that are able to move about under own engine power. A current survey may be required.
  • Slips are 20 feet to 60 feet in length. Vessels must fit accordingly using length overall measurement. (Length includes bow sprints, anchor pulpits, swim platforms, outboard motors, etc. See example.)

The above are minimum rental requirements and do not guarantee moorage. The Port of Kennewick reserves the right to refuse entry to any vessel for any reason into the Clover Island Marina.

Guest Moorage

Guest moorage dock at Clover Island Marina.

Guests may use the Port’s Clover Island Marina at no cost for day use. Overnight guest moorage is available for $15 per night, for a maximum of 14 nights. No maintenance may be performed on guest moorage.

For overnight moorage, please complete and submit the Overnight Moorage Agreement form. Reservations are recommended. Contact the Port’s Marina Manager at 509-586-1186 or via email to request reservations.

All guests must follow the Marina Rules & Regulations.

Rules & Regulations

Public Notice

Guest Moorage Dock
Permit Required for Day Use
Permit Required for Overnight Use

Contact Port of Kennewick for Reservations
(Weekend reservations must be made by Friday at 3 p.m.)

  • No Dock Use Without Authorization
  • Quiet Hours: 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. daily
  • No Loitering, Littering or Blocking Access
  • No Personal Items on the Dock (BBQs, chairs, etc.)
  • No Multi-Boat Side Tie Allowed

Complaints received for noise and disruptive behavior will result in guest moorage privileges being revoked (up to permanent trespass) and law enforcement notified.


Vessel Haul Out & Maintenance Facility

Vessel haul out area at Clover Island Marina.

Haul out services are limited by space and subject to staff availability; please note: we are unable to accommodate sailboats.  To schedule, please call 509-586-1186.

Vessel haul-out services are available through the Port of Kennewick based on staff availability. Due to a variety of vessel factors including length, weight, draft and condition, vessel haul out is handled on a case-by-case basis. Three weeks advanced notice required for all boat haul out requests.

Space in the Port’s maintenance area may be reserved for minor maintenance and vessel cleaning. Fees and limitations apply. The Port does not offer transportation or conduct any maintenance services.

Contact the Marina Manager at 509-586-1186 to determine availability and if your vessel can be supported prior to completing the Vessel Haul-Out Agreement and Haul Out Services Form.

Haul Out Form (unable to accommodate sailboats)

Haul Out Rates

Public Boat Launch

Clover Island Marina public boat launch.

The public boat launch is located at Columbia River Mile 329. It is at the west end of Clover Island between the Clover Island Yacht Club boat houses and Clover Island Drive (near the Clover Island Lighthouse).

  • No Fee
  • Two Launch Lanes
  • Day Use
  • Eight Paved Parking Sites
  • Adjacent Overflow Gravel Lot
  • Public Picnic Area
  • Water Fountain, Bottle-Fill Station and Doggie Water Bowl
  • Ice, Food, Beverages Available From Clover Island Businesses

Launching Tips

Before backing down ramp:
  1. Make sure all your gear is in the boat.
  2. Loosen the transom tie-downs.
  3. Unplug the trailer lights.
  4. Check the drain plug and battery.
  5. Attach lines for handling the boat and put on your life jackets.
  6. Have key in hand.
Launching Solo:
  1. Attach a line to the boat bow and tie the other end to your trailer bow stop, with enough slack to allow the boat to float off the trailer.
  2. Back into the water and let the boat float off, then pull ahead.
  3. Set the parking brake and untie the line from the trailer.
  4. Walk your boat to the southernmost part of the dock, or (preferably) over the staging area, and secure the boat.
  5. Drive your vehicle from the ramp to the designated parking area.
Launching with a helper:
  1. Switch on the bilge blower before backing down the ramp.
  2. Have your helper climb into the boat.
  3. Back the trailer into the water to a depth that will allow the boat to easily slide off the trailer.
  4. Set the PARKING BRAKE.
  5. Start the boat engine and allow it to warm up for a minute before unhooking the bow strap and releasing the boat.
  6. Make sure the boat is under control before you set it afloat.
  7. Walk your boat to the southernmost part of the dock, or (preferably) over the staging area, and secure the boat.
  8. Drive your vehicle from the ramp to the designated parking area.
Retrieving your boat:
  1. Secure boat on trailer.
  2. Immediately pull away from ramp area before unloading gear or covering boat.