Port CFO Nick Kooiker Promoted to Deputy CEO

Port of Kennewick Chief Financial Officer Nick Kooiker portrait.

Port CFO Nick Kooiker Promoted to Deputy CEO

Port of Kennewick CFO Nick Kooiker Promoted to Deputy CEO

Kennewick, Wash. – During its regular Commission meeting, Port of Kennewick Chief Executive Officer Tim Arntzen announced the promotion of Chief Financial Officer Nick Kooiker to Deputy CEO. The announcement is part of the succession planning Arntzen has been working on for several years, with a goal of ensuring long-term success with staff transitions.

Stated Arntzen, “I’ve been working to ensure that we have people identified and in place well in advance of, and to help mitigate for, any transitions in employment.”

Continued Arntzen, “This decision has the full support of the entire team, and because we have several people who are nearing retirement, including Deputy CEO Tana Bader Inglima, who has expressed her desire to retire in a few years, we want to ensure we have a solid plan in place as we consider future staffing needs.”

Kooiker will remain the port’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and, in his new role, will expand involvement with its Board of Commissioners, including helping staff board meetings, setting agendas, and increased meetings with individual Commissioners and organizational partners as appropriate.

Kooiker joined the Port of Kennewick as assistant auditor/accountant in 2013 after working for Benton County as a revenue systems accountant. Following the retirement of its then-CFO in 2016, Kooiker was promoted to Chief Financial Officer for the Port.

Kooiker earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2021 from Eastern Washington University; and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance from that same university. Kooiker is a licensed Real Estate Broker, having held that certification for 16 years; with Arntzen acknowledging such specialized knowledge and experience is extremely useful as the port works to sell, lease, or develop property on behalf of its taxpayers.

Arntzen recognized that Kooiker had taken on ever-increasing responsibilities, including oversight of important capital projects, saying the promotion will allow Kooiker to cultivate additional skills with an eye toward future port leadership.

Arntzen stated, “Yes, with this promotion, the port now has two Deputy CEOs. However, I feel that is going to give us the depth of bench necessary to meet future demands and to respond quickly to any transition in employment, whether that be from a staff person leaving the company, internal adjustments, death or retirement.”


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