News Media Stories

2019 News Media Stories

Kennewick port commissioners face sanctions, appeal following complaint
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  September 2019

New Benton County Fire Station Bids See Progress
KNDU TV.  September 12, 2019

City of West Richland looking to make Tri-City Raceway home to new police station
KNDU TV.  September 11, 2019

There soon could be a lot of police activity at the Tri-City Raceway.  Here’s why
Tri-City Herald.  September 10, 2019

Immigrant Coalition celebrates art | Guest Opinion
Tri-City Herald. August 31, 2019

Popular Tri-Cities riverfront dining spot getting new owners. Here’s what they have planned
Tri-City Herald.  August 28, 2019

One Kennewick port commissioner takes his lumps. The other has hired an attorney
Tri-City Herald. August 28, 2019

Two Port Commisioners investigated
KNDU TV. August 27, 2019

Kennewick port to decide 1 commissioner’s sanctions and a hearing for another
Tri-City Herald. August 27, 2019

2 Port of Kennewick Commissioners made a bad situation worse
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  August 17, 2019

Two Port of Kennewick Commissioners in hot water
KNDU TV.  August 13, 2019

Two Port of Kennewick Commissioners Investigated for Misconduct
610KONA .com  August 13, 2019

UPDATE:  1 Kennewick port official accepts reprimand, 2nd vows to fight.  Total cost will top $100k
Tri-City Herald.  August 13, 2019

Two Port of Kennewick Commissioners investigated
KNDU TV. August 13, 2019

2 commissioners face sanctions for conduct, port rules violations
Tri-City Herald.  August 13, 2019

National Lighthouse Day: Spotlight Clover Island Lighthouse
Visit Tri-Cities, August 7, 2019

Kennewick’s next icon on the rise in the shadow of an old icon (the cable bridge!)
Tri-City Herald.  July 28, 2019

High-end living near Vista Field on the way
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  June 2019

The Tri-Cities added a whole Walla Walla in less than a decade. And it’s not slowing
Tri-City Herald. May 22, 2019

Columbia Gardens Wine Village is Expanding May 2019

Construction underway on Vista Field
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. May 2019

Kennewick’s Columbia Gardens Wine Village adds more food trucks
KVEW TV. May 15, 2019

Port of Kennewick can now move forward with renovations to Clover Island shoreline
KVEW TV. May 15, 2019

Ciao Wagon brings Tuscan fare to downtown Kennewick
Tri-City Herald. May 14, 2019

Tasting rooms spring up across Washington, Oregon [including Columbia Gardens Wine & Artisan Village]
Great Northwest Wine. May 13, 2019

USACE, Port of Kennewick ink Clover Island cost share agreement May 13, 2019

Corps and Port of Kennewick sign Clover Island cost share agreement 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers News Releases.  May 10, 2019

Pacific Northwest-style BBQ joint puts down roots in downtown Kennewick
Tri-City Herald. April 30, 2019

Smart planning and teamwork is a must to ensure Tri-Cities’ booming growth is managed correctly
Tri-City Herald. April 27, 2019

The shape of things to come at Vista Field
Tri-City Herald. April 26, 2019

Work finally begins to transform airfield into bustling town center
KEPR TV. April 22, 2019

Vista Field Redevelopment plan officially breaks ground
KVEW TV. April 22, 2019

Digging in on Kennewick’s new urban village
Tri-City Herald. April 22, 2019

Officials break ground on Vista Field redevelopment
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. April 22, 2019

Work is starting on Kennewick’s urban village. Vista Field is about to take off again
Tri-City Herald. April 21, 2019

Construction to begin at Kennewick’s Vista Field on Monday
KVEW TV. April 19, 2019

First food truck opens at Kennewick’s Columbia Gardens wine village
KVEW TV. April 18, 2019

Vista Field development, wine village move ahead
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. April 2019

Tri-Cities to get more medical and dental help. Major Yakima nonprofit to build $20 million clinic
Tri-City Herald. March 13, 2019  

Massive makeover of Kennewick’s Vista Field is about to begin
Tri-City Herald. March 13, 2019  

Port awards multi-million contract for Vista Field phase one.
Tri-City Herald. March 13, 2019  

Contruction to start on new winery tasting rooms
Tri-City Herald. March 13, 2019  

Reveling in the Region:  Wine Down the River
Sip Northwest. March 2019  

Nearly extinct Carmenere grape is alive and well in Washington State/Bartholomew Winery
Discover Washington Wine. February 2019.  

Port of Kennewick preparing for riverside eateries at wine village
KEPR TV. January 9, 2019  

These new Tri-City WA Restaurants are opening in 2019; [including Food Truck Plaza at the Village]
Tri-City Herald. January 6, 2019

News Media Story Archives

2018 News Media Stories

Northwest Wine: Palencia shows brilliance in latest Platinum Judging.
Great Northwest Wine. December 25, 2018

Palencia emerges from 2018 judging as ‘Kid Platinum’.
Wine Press Northwest. December 2018

Platinum Judging casts spotlight on Port of Kennewick project.
Wine Press Northwest. December 2018

Our Voice:  CBC culinary school should move forward and prove critics wrong.
Tri-City Herald Editorial. November 6, 2018

CBC defends its $13 million culinary school.
Tri-City Herald. November 2, 2018

Congressman Newhouse tours Columbia Gardens Wine & Artisan Village.
KEPR TV. October 3, 2018

Tepranillo and paella? It could happen at Kennewick’s Columbia Gardens.
WinePress NW. October 1, 2018

Tepranillo and paella? It could happen at Kennewick’s Columbia Gardens.
Tri-City Herald. September 29, 2018

2 wineries, 2 food trucks to open in downtown Kennewick wine village.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. September 26, 2018

Food truck vendors wanted for plaza in Columbia Gardens in Kennewick.
KEPR TV. September 18, 2018

Food trucks to join wineries in east Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald. August 29, 2018

Vista Field project receives state award.
KEPR TV. July 31, 2018

The City and Port of Kennewick receive award for Vista Field project.
YakTriNews/KVEW TV. July 31, 2018

It’s not built yet, but Vista Field already is a state winner.
Tri-City Herald. July 31, 2018

CBC wants a culinary school in Kennewick. An internal report is giving it pause.
Tri-City Herald. June 29, 2018

Columbia Gardens Wine & Artisan Village to host celebration for first public artwork.
KEPR TV. May 18, 2018

Latino heritage featured
Tri-City Herald. May 17, 2018

Latino mural goes up in Kennewick.
KVEW  TV. Yak/TriNews. May 17, 2018

Pedestrian focused town center coming to Vista Field.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. May 2018

Port of Kennewick receives grant to finish Clover Island renovations.

Clover Island getting a $4 million shoreline makeover.
Newstalk 870/Hot975online. May 9, 2018

Grant will transform Clover Island’s old, rocky shoreline.
KEPR TV. May 8, 2018

Clover Island is getting $4M rocky shoreline makeover.
Tri-City Herald. May 8, 2018

Port of Kennewick releases plans for redevelopment of Vista Field.
98.3 The Key. April 20, 2018

Port of Kennewick releases plans for redevelopment of Vista Field.
Newstalk 870AM. April 20, 2018

Are you ready for a woonerf at Kennewick’s Vista Field?
Tri-City Herald. April 19, 2018

Port of Kennewick unveils Vista Field designs and a timeline for construction.
KEPR TV. April 19, 2018

Port of Kennewick unveils phase one of Vista field redevelopment project.
KVEW YakTriNews. April 19, 2018

Port of Kennewick:  Vista Field highlights a slate of big projects.
Tri-City Herald Progress Edition. April 2, 2018

Searching out new opportunities for tourism success.
Tri-City Herald Progress Edition. April 1, 2018

$150,000 grant to support Phase 2 at the Port’s Wine Village.
KNDO/KNDU NBC. February 27, 2018

Grant will support phase 2 of Port’s Wine and Artisan Village.
610KONA Radio. February 26, 2018

Drink up. This Kennewick waterfront winery is open for business.
Tri-City Herald. February 9, 2018

Columbia Gardens Wine Village opens with ribbon cutting ceremony.
KEPR TV. February 9, 2018

Crowd Turns Out For Opening of Columbia Gardens Wine Village in Kennewick.
February 2018

Drink up.  This Kennewick waterfront winery is open for business.
February 9, 2018

New Wine Village celebrates grand opening
FOX 11/41. February 9, 2018

Wine Village grand opening.
KNDU TV. February 9, 2018

Columbia Gardens Wine Village officially opens.
KVEW TV. February 9, 2018

Columbia Gardens Wine & Artisan Village Opens Today.
KNDU TV. February 9, 2018

Columbia Gardens Wine Village ribbon cutting for completed phase one.
KEPR TV. February 8, 2018

Columbia Gardens Wine Village opens Friday in Kennewick.
KVEW TV / February 8, 2018

Columbia Gardens Wine Village Phase One Complete–Ribbon Cutting Planned.
KVEW TV / February 5, 2018

Columbia Gardens Wine Village opens in Kennewick. January 23, 2018

Last ‘hiccup’ won’t slow Kennewick’s new wine village. Wine Press Northwest.
January 11, 2018

Port of Kennewick preparing for ribbon-cutting at Wine Village.
KEPR TV. January 10, 2018

Top business news for 2017: #7 Vista Field redevelopment.
Tri-City Herald. January 1, 2018

2017 News Media Stories

Company buys 35 acres, plans to build a concrete plant in Finley.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. December 2017

Our Voice:  New Vista Field plan shows promise, but existing campus needs help.
Tri-City Herald Editorial. December 18, 2017

Columbia Gardens’ wineries settling into their new space.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. December 2017

Tri-City Ports celebrate milestones, focus on what’s ahead for 2018.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. December 2017

Multi-phase project planned for Vista Field site in Kennewick.
FOX 11. December 13, 2017

Multi-phase project planned for Vista Field site in Kennewick.
KNDU TV.  December 13, 2017

Kennewick is turning Vista Field into huge sace for homes, businesses.  December 13, 2017

Eat all about it: Chuck E. Cheese’s making tracks to Kennewick.
December 13, 2017

WA: Kennewick’s former airport about to take off. December 13, 2107

It’s gonna be fly. Kennewick’s former airport about to take off.
Tri-City Herald.  December 12, 2017

Final plans for Vista Field presented to Kennewick City Council.
KNDU TV. December 12, 2017

Final plans for Vista Field presented to Kennewick City Council.
Fox 11.  December 12, 2017

Wineries hope to be uncorked by the holidays.
Living Tri-Cities Winter Issue.  November 21, 2017

They turned snow into wine in Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald. November 29, 2017

First tenant moves into Columbia Gardens Wine and Artisan Village.
Tri-City Herald.  November 21, 2017

Successful SWAT practice drill takes place in Kennewick.
KNDU TV. September 28, 2017

Tribes, Port dedicate ‘The Gathering Place’
Confederated Umatilla Journal.  September 2017

 Kennewick’s Vista Arts Center conceptual design unveiled.
Tri-City Herald.  August 22, 2017

Performing arts center coming to Tri-Cities.
KVEW TV. August 22, 2017

3 Tri-City theater projects in the works. What’s the difference?
Tri-City Herald.  August 19, 2017

Arts Center Task Force to share Vista Field project vision.
Tri-City Herald.  August 14, 2017

Factories or runways? municipal airports face economic pressure.
USAnewsguide.  August 14, 2017

Port of Kennewick dedicates family-friendly area on the south shore of Clover Island.
August 4, 2017

The Gathering Place:  a symbol of unity with our past.
KNDU TV.  August 4, 2017

Shoreline improvements bring artwork, history to Clover Island.
KONA Radio.  August 4, 2017

Palencia Wine: Moving its roots to Kennewick’s Wine Village.
KNDU TV.  August 2, 2017

Palencia Wine:  moving its roots to Kennewick’s Wine Village.
FOX1141. August 2, 2017

Kennewick wine dreams won’t be slowed by sewer snag, city says.
Wine Press Northwest.  July 31, 2017

Kennewick wine dreams won’t be slowed by sewer snag, city says.
Tri-City Herald. July 28, 2017

To keep or ditch an airfield.
Gulf News. July 28, 2017

Tri-Cities community honored by governor.
Fox1141yakima. July 25, 2017

Tri-Cities community honored by governor.
KNDU TV. July 25, 2017

Kennewick groups awarded for plan to revitalize waterfront.
KEPR TV. July 25, 2017

Declining airports eyed for redevelopment.
The Globe and Mail.  July 24, 2017

US city airports’ future may not involve flying.
Bangkok Post.  July 22, 2017

Exposing the Toxic Ways of the Santa Monica Airport.
Bad-Air.  July 22, 2017

Columbia Drive redevelopment nabs partnership award from governor.
Tri-City Herald. July 19, 2017

Port of Kennewick, Tribes celebrate Clover Island changes.
Tri-City Herald. July 18, 2017

Factories or Runways? Municipal Airports Face Economic Pressure.
NW Times. July 18, 2017

Clover Island mixed-use parcels expected to be available in fall.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. July 14, 2017

Project aims to bring back the magic of the river.
FOX 11 TV.  June 30, 2017

Project aims to bring back the magic of the river.
KNDU TV.  June 30, 2017

Palencia uses Grenache to top Walla Walla Valley Wine Competition.
Great Northwest Wine. June 19, 2017

USACE Releases Draft FONSI for Clover Island Restoration Project.  June 15, 2017

Columbia Gardens Wine Village poised for fall opening.
Wine Press Northwest.  May 2017

Washington communities recognized for planning and for growth.
seattlepi. May 30, 2017

Kennewick wine project praised by Gov. Jay Inslee.
Tri-City Herald. May 24, 2017

2017 Governor’s Smart Communities Award Winners Announced.
Department of Commerce.  May 23, 2017

Benton County ressurects economic development grant program.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  May 2017

Our Voice:  Harsh winter doesn’t cool excitement for Columbia Gardens.
Editorial. Tri-City Herald. May 10, 2017

Benton County invests $2.1 million in riverfront project. 
KVEW TV.  May 9, 2017

Kennewick wine center given $2.2M in rural development money.
Tri-City Herald.  May 9, 2017

Snowpocalypse slows Columbia Gardens wine village.
EIN News. May 7, 2017

Snowpocalypse slows Columbia Gardens Wine Village.
Tri-City Herald. May 7, 2017

 Columbia Gardens Wine Village opening expected in September.
KNDU TV. April 28, 2017

 Before raising the first glass of wine, first raise the roof.
Tri-City Herald photo. April 9, 2017

Letter of intent signed for performing arts center at Vista Field.
KNDU TV.  March 28, 2017

Vista Field theater agreement reached. Now, the project needs $25M.
Tri-City Herald. March 28, 2017

Letter of intent signed for performing arts center at Vista Field. 
Fox 11 TV.  March 28, 2017

New performing arts center is one step closer to Vista Field.
KVEW TV.  March 28, 2017

Arts Center Task Force stakes a claim in the heart of Vista Field. 
Tri-City Herald.  March 24, 2017

Port of Kennewick: Delivering positive returns on community investments.
Tri-City Herald Progress Edition.  March 23, 2017

Plans for Vista Field Airport finally taking flight.
KNDU TV.  March 14, 2017

Trios Foundation honoring late community booster and volunteer with bronze bust, ceremony.
Tri-City Herald. February 15, 2017

Columbia Center Rotary donates $5,000 to future Latino mural project.
KVEW TV.  February 2, 2017

El Puerto de Kennewick recibe donacion para el mural de herencia latina.
KNDU TV. February 2, 2017

Clover Island demolition project helps US Army Corps of Engineers restore shoreline.
KVEW-TV. February 2, 2017

Clover Island says goodbye to old office building.
Tri-City Herald. January 28, 2017

Demolition on Clover Island part of restoration.
Tri-City Herald. January 26, 2017

Kennewick Wine Village project under snow delay.
KVEW TV. January 24, 2017

Winter weather delays Kennewick wine village project.
KEPR TV.  January 23, 2017

Owners of Cedars Restaurant honored for Clover Island work.
Tri-City Herald. January 22, 2017

Columbia Center Rotary makes $5k pledge to Latino Mural.
Tri-City Herald.  January 18, 2017

Columbia Center Rotary to contribute to Latino Heritage Mural Project.
FOX 11.  January 12, 2017

Columbia Center Rotary to contribute to Latino Heritage Mural Project.
NBC TV.  January 12, 2017

Snowpocalypse not likely coming for your roof, yet.
Tri-City Herald.  January 11, 2017

Old building collapses in downtown Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald. January 11, 2017

Vacant building collapses in Kennewick. 
KONA 610 Radio. January 11, 2017

Building collapse near downtown Kennewick.
KNDU TV.  January 11, 2017

Building collapses in Kennewick.
KAPP/KVEW TV.  January 11, 2017

Vacant Kennewick building collapses from weight of snow and ice buildup.
Tri-City Herald. January 11, 2017

Building Collapses in Kennewick under weight of snow.
KEPR TV.  January 11, 2017

Our Voice:  Tri-Cities economy diversifying rapidly.
Tri-City Herald Editorial Board.  January 10, 2017

Two Wineries Set to Move Into Kennewick’s Wine Village.
Key 98.3 January 5, 2017

Car parts, fries, wine top Tri-City 2016 business news.
Tri-City Herald.  January 1, 2017

2016 News Media Stories

New year resolution projects for each city.
KNDU TV.  December 30, 2016

ET Estate Sales moves to downtown Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald.  December 29, 2016.

Our Voice: Columbia Gardens progress may be the tipping point for downtown Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald Editorial. December 22, 2016

Kennewick Wine Village Takes Shape. 
WinesandVines.  December 21, 2016

Make Way for Wine. 
Public Works Magazine. December 21, 2016

When Wine and Real Estate Merge.
NW Wine and Real Estate.  December 21, 2016

Palencia, Bartholomew commit to Kennewick’s urban wine village.
Tri-City Herald. December 18, 2016

Port of Kennewick selects Bartholomew, Vino La Monarcha for wine village.
Great Northwest Wine.  December 15, 2016

2 wineries plan to move into new Kennewick wine village.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  December 14, 2016

First Village wine tenants named. KVEW TV.
December 14, 2016

Artist meets with Latino community to create mural.
KVEW TV.  December 9, 2016

Columbia Gardens Wine & Artisan Village Grows.
Tri-City Herald.  November 28, 2016

Latino heritage murals commissioned for Columbia Gardens Wine Village.
tu Decides.  November 16, 2016

Port commissions Latino heritage murals.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  November 2016

High school culinary students look to new CBC facility.
KVEW TV.  November 7, 2016

Our Voice:  CBC culinary school a game-changer.
Tri-City Herald Editorial Board.  November 2, 2016.

Changes coming to Kennewick waterfront.
KVEW TV. October 19, 2016

CBC plots $10M culinary move to Kennewick waterfront.
Tri-City Herald.  October 18, 2016

Culinary school coming to Columbia Drive. 
KEPR TV.  October 18, 2016

More Kennewick waterfront development on the Horizon.
KVEW TV.  October 18, 2016

New plant turns wine (waste) into water.
Tri-City Herald. October 15, 2016

 Port hired Kennewick contractor to build wine village.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  October 2016

Port of Kennewick stays local to build wine village.
Wine Press Northwest.  September 30, 2016

Wineries show interest in Kennewick’s unbuilt urban wine center.
Tri-City Herald. August 14, 2016

Port of Kennewick adds voice to shoreline return campaign.
Tri-City Herald. August 9, 2016

Applications being accepted for space in wine village.
KNDU TV.  July 27, 2016

Port of Kennewick accepting applications for lease space in new winery village.
KNDU TV.  July 27, 2016

Benton County, cities, ports split $6M for economic development.
Tri-City Herald. July 20, 2016

Columbia Gardens seeks winery tenants.
Tri-City Herald.  July 14, 2016

Momentum builds for Bateman Island access, marina.
Tri-City Herald.  July 6, 2016

Construction continues on wine village in Kennewick.
KNDU TV. June 30, 2016

VIsta Field:  Chat with Tim Arntzen, Port of Kennewick CEO.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  June 2016

Regional chamber hosts ‘State of the Ports’ program.
Tri-City Herald.  June 7, 2016

Port of Kennewick Opening Winery Village.
Washington Ag Network. May 10, 2016

Port of Kennewick breaks ground on wine village.
KVEW TV. May 9, 2016

Urban Wine Village breaks ground at Columbia Gardens.
KEPR TV. May 9, 2016

New wine village in Kennewick promises unique gathering place on the waterfront.
KFBB.COM May 9, 2016

New wine village in Kennewick promises unique gathering place on the waterfront.
KNDU/KHQ TV. May 9, 2016

Kennewick wants wineries to woo waterfront visitors.
Tri-City Herald. May 8, 2016

Work begins on Kennewick wine village.
Tri-City Herald. May 5, 2016

Kennewick business blooms thanks to ‘Economic Gardening’ program.
[Port of Kennewick tenant]  Tri-City Herald.  May 3, 2016

Groundbreaking for Columbia Gardens Urban Wine & Artisan Village.
ADVISOR Wine Industry Network.  May 2, 2016

Port of Kennewick looks forward to official groundbreaking for Columbia Gardens Urban Wine Village.
KNDU TV. May 2, 2016

Port of Kennewick Clover Island Boat Launch Grand Re-Opening Event on April 6, 2016 at 3:30 PM.
Charter Communications. April/2016

New West Richland river park to be built this summer.
Tri-City Herald.  April 8, 2016

Port of Kennewick celebrates Clover Island Boat launch re-opening.
Tri-City Herald. April 6, 2016

Port of Kennewick celebrates Clover Island boat launch re-opening.
KNDU TV. April 6, 2016

Community celebrates Clover Island Boat Launch grand re-opening.
KEPR TV. April 6, 2016

Clover Island continues to grow.
KAPP/KVEW TV.  April 6, 2016

Clover Island reopens boat launch.
VEW/TV.  April 6, 2016

Clover Island boat launch to re-open.
Tri-City Herald. April 1, 2016

Letter: Port, city cooperation on Vista Field is encouraging.
Tri-City Herald.  April 1, 2016

Clover Island once active winter village.
CUJ History, Tradition & Culture/Confederated Umatilla Journal.  March 2016

Port of Kennewick:  Revitalizing and Redeveloping Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald Progress Edition. March 2016

Port of Kennewick’s Columbia Drive plans slowed, not stopped.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  March 2016

Editorial:  Vista Field vision one step closer.
Tri-City Herald.  March 13, 2016

Newhouse tours Port of Kennewick.
KAPP TV. March 10, 2016

Congressman Newhouse visits Clover Island.
KEPR TV. March 10, 2016

Port of Kennewick shows Vista Field plans to City Council.
KAPP/KVEW TV.  March 9, 2016

Vista Field redevelopment plan lands critical support.
Tri-City Herald. March 8, 2016

Letter:  Proposed Vista Arts Center not part of ‘Grand Bargain’.
Letters to the Editor.  Tri-City Herald. February 20, 2016

New urban wine & artisan village coming to Kennewick.
KVEW TV.  February 19, 2016

Kennewick creating space for wineries on Columbia Drive.
KEPR TV.  February 18, 2016

Residents and hikers are happy months after parking lot is built at Badger Mountain.
KNDU TV.  February 8, 2016

Divers guide concrete boat ramp panels into place on Clover Island.
Tri-City Herald. January 22, 2016

Port of Kennewick aims for Vista Field construction start in 2017.
Tri-City Herald.  Janaury 12, 2016

Washington Port City Seeks to Attract Visitors With Wine Village.
Planetizen.  January 11, 2016

Finding Rock Bottom at Clover Island.
Tri-City Herald.  January

Kennewick port wants to use wine to bring people to the waterfront.
Daily Journal of Commerce.  January 4, 2016

Downtown Kennewick continues to work to attract the crowds.
ABC Fox News.  January 2, 2016

2015 News Media Stories

Port of Kennewick honors 2015 Friends of the Port.
Page 34, Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  December 2015

Kennewick port makes staffing adjustments.
Page 14, Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  December 2015

Port of Kennewick increases CEO spending authority, despite Pasco concerns.
Tri-City Herald.  December 8, 2015

New downtown Kennewick leader hopes to revitalize city.
The Seattle Times.  November 27, 2015

New downtown Kennewick leader ready to get started.
Tri-City Herald. November 27, 2015

Between the Bridges:  Kennewick council says taxpayers getting a lot for their money.
Tri-City Herald.  November 15, 2015

Another arts facility considered for Vista Field.
Tri-City Herald. November 10, 2015

Construction on new Benton City roundabout could begin by end of next year.
Tri-City Herald. November 9, 2015

Our Voice: Senate revitalization bill needs House companion.
Tri-City Herald. November 3, 2015

Kennewick to again go after state money for Vista Field.
Tri-City Herald. October 24, 2015

Offer money and they will come:” Kennewick begins restaurant incentive program.
Tri-City Herald.  October 13, 2015

Up to $20,000 available in grants for downtown Kennewick eateries.
KEPR TV. October 13, 2015

Kennewick council approves waterfront redevelopment plan.
Tri-City Herald. October 6, 2015

Construction begins on Badger Mountain trailhead parking area.
Tri-City Herald.  October 5, 2015  Groundbreaking on new Trailhead Park parking lot.  KEPR TV. October 5, 2015

Construction to expand parking lot at Trailhead Park begins.
KVEW TV. October 5, 2015

New parking lot coming to base of Badger Mountain.
KNDU TV. October 5, 2015

Waterfront development in the Tri-Cities is moving along.
KNDU TV.  October 1, 2015

Waterfront development in the Tri-Cities is moving along.
KHQ TV.  October 1, 2015

Bridge to Bridge final plan!
KEPR TV. September 29, 2015

Port of Kennewick plans to sell excess Southridge land to pay for Vista Field upgrades.
Tri-City Herald.  September 23, 2015  Clover Island construction full speed ahead.  KEPR TV.  September 18, 2015

Vista Arts Center agreement possible by year’s end.
Tri-City Herald. September 9, 2015

New Pasco airport concourse, baggage claim ready to open.
Tri-City Herald. September 9, 2015

Our Voice:  State revitalization money would help Vista Field.
Tri-City Herald Editorial. September 2, 2015

Our Voice:  Arts center will make good Vista Field anchor.
Tri-City Herald Editorial. August 4, 2015

A home for the arts?  Site in Vista Field identified for center.
Tri-City Herald.  August 1, 2015

Arts Center, quality of development focus of Vista Field meeting.
Tri-City Herald.  July 28, 2015

Vista Field planners seek community input.
KEPR TV. July 28, 2015

Clover Island Boat Launch closing until December for improvements.
KNDU TV.  July 27, 2015

Vista Field redevelopment meeting planned July 28 in Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald. July 27, 2015

Clover Island Boat Launch to close for repairs after Water Follies.
KVEW TV. July 16, 2015

Port of Kennewick offering tours of Historic Downtown Kennewick.
KVEW TV. July 16, 2015

Downtown Kennewick tours start July 18: preregistration reguired.
Tri-City Herald.  June 28, 2015

Our Voice:  Bridge to Bridge plan making significant strides.
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  June 23, 2015

Community members weigh in on Bridge to Bridge proposal.
Tri-City Herald. June 15, 2015

Performing arts center planning continues.
Tri-City Herald. June 14, 2015

Our Voice: Performing arts venue needs regional support.
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  June 10, 2015

John Olson, Ben Franklin Transit pioneer, former port commissioner, dies in Colorado.
Tri-City Herald. June 8, 2015

Tri-City arts task force to bring in consultant.
Tri-City Herald. June 2, 2015

Richland, port to add more parking for Badger Mountain hikers.
Tri-City Herald. May 30, 2015

Speakers:  Balkanization holding Tri-Cities back.
Tri-City Herald. May 29, 2015

Wastewater pre-treatment recommended for Columbia Drive wine village.
Tri-City Herald. May 26, 2015

 Kennewick announces meetings for Bridge to Bridge plan.
Tri-City Herald. May 26, 2015

Kennewick’s Carbitex turns carbon fiber into fabric.
Tri-City Herald. May 24, 2015

Forum to discuss future of Tri-Cities.
Tri-City Herald.  May 24, 2015

Census: Tri-City population jumps 10 percent, brings challenges.
Tri-City Herald.  May 21, 2015

Port of Kennewick receives award for Vista Field work.
Tri-City Herald. May 19, 2015

Task force outlines goals for Vista Field development.
KAPP TV.  May 19, 2015

Vista Field: Task force makes final proposals.
Tri-City Herald. May 18, 2015

Badger Club to discuss future of Tri-Cities in May 29 forum.
Tri-City Herald. May 16, 2015

Richland City Council OKs master plan for Badger Mountain’s Trailhead Park.
Tri-City Herald.  May 5, 2015

City of Kennewick moves forward in “Americas Best Cities” contest.
KNDU TV. April 28, 2015

Kennnewick wins $50,000 in community competition.

Clover Island restoration project moving forward.
Tri-City Herald. April 28, 2015

Letter to editor:  Authority needed for Vista Field project.
Tri-City Herald.  April 28, 2015

Washington cities compete for wine villages.  April 22, 2015

Our Voice:  Kennewick port officials gracious in negotiations.
Tri-City Herald.  April 19, 2015  Our Voice: We’re grateful for the new Manhattan Park Project.  Tri-City Herald.  April 16, 2015

Governor, Tri-Citians celebrate Port of Kennewick’s 100 Years.
Tri-City Herald.  April 15, 2015  Inslee speaks at the Port of Kennewick’s 100th Anniversary (with VIDEO).  Tri-City Herald. April 14, 2015

Port of Kennewick Celebrates 100 Years – Spokane, Northwest News.
KHQ TV.  April 14, 2015

Port of Kennewick honored for 100 Years of Economic Development.
KAPP TV. April 14, 2015

Port of Kennewick celebrates a century of economic development.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. April 2015

Port of Kennewick Celebrates 100 Years.
KNDU TV.  April 14, 2015

Governor discussed Pasco OIS with community leaders.
KEPR TV.  April 14, 2015

Governor, community leaders to celebrate Port of Kennewick’s 100th year April 14.
Tri-City Herald. April 12, 2015

Tri-city Made: Manufacturing critical to current, future Tri-Cities ecnomic health.
Tri-City Herald.  April 11, 2015

Kennewick Irrigation District to sell land, transfer Elliot Lake system to city.
Tri-City Herald.  April 10, 2015

Port of Kennewick backs off on contested alley to Vista Field. Tri-City Herald.
April 7, 2015

Kennewick port, city, PFD to hash out Vista Field plans April 7. 
Tri-City Herald.  April 6, 2015  Thankful Thursday: Story Circles.  Tri-City Herald Letters to the Editor. April 2, 2015

Kennewick to take another look at riverfront plan. 
Tri-City Herald. March 29, 2015

Progress Edition:  Port of Kennewick–100th years of addressing evolving community needs.
Tri-City Herald. March 26, 2015

Progress Edition: Kennewick: Success story looks to continue in 2015.
Tri-City Herald. March 26, 2015

Progress Edition: Come see the gem that is West Richland.
Tri-City Herald. March 26, 2015

Our Voice Editorial:  We’re thankful for some programs that help kids: Duffy’s Pond Trail.
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  March 26, 2015

Rep. Newhouse recognizes 100th anniversary of Port of Kennewick.
YouTube. March 23, 2015

Port of Kennewick, Umatillas to meet March 27.
Tri-City Herald. March 23, 2015

PFD to hear Vista Field presentation.
Tri-City Herald.  March 23, 2015

Kennewick’s Duffy’s Pond trail extension moves forward.
Tri-City Herald.  March 22, 2015

Our Voice:  Cooperation is critical for upcoming Vista Field meeting.
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  March 22, 2015

Kennewick leaders to discuss Vista Field, Three Rivers Entertainment District.
Tri-City Herald.  March 10, 2015

Kennewick convention center expansion may lack key support.
Tri-City Herald. March 8, 2015

Kennewick public agencies struggle to get on same page with Vista Field vision.
Tri-City Herald. March 8, 2015

Arena showing its age/Americans owner lobbies for Vista Field Coliseum.
Tri-City Herald. March 7, 2015

Software company opens in Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald. March 5, 2015

Our Voice: Richland marketplace complements other plans.
Bellinham Herald Editorial.  March 4, 2015

Port of Kennewick celebrates 100 years of economic development.
Tri-City Herald.  March 2, 2015

Aquilini family presses on with Washington State Wine Venture/Port of Kennewick and DPZ’s urban planning for Vista Field.
Business In Vancouver. February 24, 2015

Kennewick rethinks winery waste water treatment for Columbia Gardens.
Tri-City Herald.  February 15, 2015

Port of Kennewick, city work on how to reconnect Vista Field.
Tri-City Herald.  February 15, 2015

Kennewick officials hope state program will help pay for Vista Field redevelopment.
Tri-City Herald.  February 15, 2015

Hangar building at Vista Field Airport being dismanteled.
Tri-City Herald.  February 9, 2015

Eager beaver chomps down tree on Clover Island in Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald.  February 9, 2015

Framework for Kennewick’s Vista Field redevelopment released for public comment.
Tri-City Herald. February 6, 2015

New Wine Village Construction uses Concrete Crusher.
KNDU TV.  February 5, 2015

Two-phase approach to Vista Field performing arts center included in draft plan.
Tri-City Herald.  February 1, 2015

Our Voice: Thumbs up to public input and down to changing prices (Idea time & Let ’em roll).
Northwest Opinion Column. The Bellingham Herald. January 26, 2015

Our Voice:  Thumbs up to public input and down to changing prices (Idea time & Let ’em roll).
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  January 26, 2015  Old Tri-City Raceway may grow into wine village.  SFGate (from KEPR TV).  January 23, 2015  Wine village with grape processing and tasting rooms envisioned for old Tri-City Raceway., Columbus Indiana (from KEPR TV) January 23, 2015

Old Tri-City Raceway may grow into wine village. (from Associated Press).  January 23, 2015  Old Tri-City Raceway may grow into wine village. (from Associated Press).  January 23, 2015

West Richland annexing Tri-City Raceway, wine village next?
KEPR TV.  January 22, 2015

Ideas wanted for Clover Island shoreline restoration.
Tri-City Herald.  January 18, 2015

Port of Kennewick, West Richland work to ready former Tri-City raceway for wine production.
Tri-City Herald.  January 18, 2015

Port, city of Kennewick collaborate on Vista Field.
Tri-City Herald.  January 17, 2015

Our Voice:  Port, city must work together for regional good.
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  January 11, 2015

Buildings razed on Columbia Drive in Kennewick clear way for botique wine village development.
Tri-City Herald.  January 8, 2015

Performing Arts Center possible at Vista Field. 
KNDU TV  January 7, 2015

Final demolition underway to make room for the Port of Kennewick’s wine village.
KNDU TV.  January 7, 2015

2014 News Media Stories

A look back at the top stories of 2014 (#9 Vista Field planning kicks off).
 Tri-City Herald. December 27, 2014

West Richland’s growth area expansion survives appeal period.
Tri-City Herald.  December 26, 2014

Development hits roadblock: Vista Field plans overlap those of Kennewick Public Facilities District.
Tri-City Herald. December 21, 2014

Trailhead Park plans still alive.
Tri-City Herald.  December 21, 2014

New art installed at Clover Island.
Tri-City Herald. December 17, 2014

Art installation at Clover Island. 
Tri-City Herald.  December 17, 2014

Demolition to make way for boutique wineries on Kennewick’s Columbia Drive.
Tri-City Herald. December 16, 2014

Port of Kennewick Tri-Cities Fever player plans sports complex.
Tri-City Herald, December 3, 2014

Port urged to get committment for performing arts center.
Tri-City Herald, November 28, 2014

Our Voice:  Temporary performing arts center a good start.
Tri-City Herald.  November 25, 2014

Our Voice:  Good to see regional task force moving along,
Tri-City Herald, November 18, 2014

Vista Field:  Temporary performing arts facility suggested for first phase.
Tri-City Herald. November 15, 2014

Creation of vision for Kennewick’s Vista Field kicks off.
Tri-City Herald. November 10, 2014

Help is needed to transform Vista Field.
KVEW TV.  November 10, 2014

Public gets say in Vista Field Design.
The Olympian.  November 9, 2014  

Public gets say in Vista Field. 
Tri-City Herald. November 9, 2014  

Performing arts facility a possible centerpiece for Vista Field.
Tri-City Herald. November 9, 2014  

Property owners asked to wait on development near Vista Field.
Tri-City Herald.  November 9, 2014  

Our Voice:  Get involved with Vista Field; the potential is exciting.
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  November 9, 2014  

Architect suggests lean approach to Vista Field, other Tri-City projects.
Tri-City Herald. November 6, 2014  

Port of Kennewick discusses rezoning Vista Field, more meetings planned.
KNDU TV.  November 3, 2014  

Public input needed on the future of Vista Field.
KNDU TV. November 2, 2014  

Vista Field ideas and input wanted. 
KVEW TV.  October 29, 2014  

Clover Island Shoreline: Ideas to be ready in spring.
Tri-City Herald.  October 15, 2014  

Draft Clover Island Shoreline proposals to be ready this spring.
 Tri-City Herald. October 14, 2014  

Port of Kennewick starts chopping 2015-16 project wish list. 
Tri-City Herald.  October 13, 2014  

Benton Commissioners give final approval to West Richland UGA request.
Tri-City Herald.  September 30, 2014  

For the first time, Port of Kennewick to plan for 2-year buget.
Tri-City Herald.  September 28, 2014  

Expanded parking could be coming to Badger Mountain Trailhead Park.
Tri-City Herald.  September 23, 2014  

West Richland’s new UGA helps wine industry grow.
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  September 19, 2014  

Cost to close Vista Field less than expected.
Tri-City Herald. September 9, 2014  

Benton County Commissioners approve West Richland UGA request. 
Tri-City Herald. September 9, 2014  

Our Voice:  Cohesive development would benefit Tri-Cities.
Tri-City Herald. August 31, 2014  

Columbia Gardens taking shape near Clover Island. KEPR TV.
August 27, 2014  

Columbia Drive project drawing lots of interest.
Tri-City Herald. August 26, 2014  

Port of Kennewick Commissioners told key project could set stage for Vista Field development.
Tri-City Herald. August 18, 2014.  

Our Voice Thumbs Up:  Pooling Resources.
Tri-City Herald. July 28, 2014.  

Port of Kennewick, Army Corps of Engineers to share cost of Clover Island shoreline project.
Tri-City Herald. July 22, 2014.  

West Richland Urban Growth Area: Plan going to commissioners.
Tri-City Herald. July 9, 2014.  

West Richland development hopes pinned on raceway.
Tri-City Herald.  July 6, 2014. 

Kennewick City Council OKs new commercial zone on Columbia Drive.
Tri-City Herald. July 1, 2014.  

Our Voice:  Columbia Drive redevelopment shows promise with architectural contract.
Tri-City Herald.  June 30, 2014.  

Port of Kennewick to pay $60,000 to former employee to avoid lawsuit.
Tri-City Herald.  June 30, 2014  

Projects filling Port of Kennewick’s docket.
Tri-City Herald.  June 29, 2014  

Port of Kennewick to hire architect for Columbia Drive project.
June 25, 2014  

Agrium gets okay to buy land in Finley.
Tri-City Herald. June 24, 2014  

Kennewick Planning Commission oks zoning change for Columbia Drive.
Tri-City Herald. June 16, 2014  

Firm chosen to design Clover Island projects.
Tri-City Herald. June 10, 2014 

Kennewick City Council: staff, planners to look at density proposal (change to vista field zoning approved).
Tri-City Herald. June 4, 2014  

Visions shared at State of the Cities Luncheon in Kennewick. 
Tri-City Herald. May 29 2014  

Old building unlikely to be used.
Tri-City Herald. May 28, 2014  

Kennewick asked to shift property density.
Tri-City Herald. May 27, 2014  

Port to purchase Vista Field hangar.
Tri-City Herald. May 13, 2014  

Planning Commission approves recommendation to re-zone Kennewick’s Vista Field.
KNDU TV. May 5, 2014  

Three Rivers Convention Center hotel already luring business even though its not finished
(campus would be reconfigured toward port’s former airport).  Tri-City Herald. May 3, 2014  

Kennewick council puts 90-day hold on bridge-to-bridge development.
Tri-City Herald. April 16, 2014.  

Port hands off responsibility for rail.
Tri-City Herald. April 9, 2014  

Our Voice:  We have one chance to get Vista Field’s future right.
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  April 7, 2014  

Overhauling Clover Island.
KEPR TV.  April 7, 2014  

Our Voice:  Wine tourism natural move for Port of Kennewick, city.
Tri-City Herald Editorial.  April 5, 2014  

Kennewick planning wine effluent treatment plant.
Tri-City Herald. April 1, 2014  

Port of Kennewick: Redeveloping to shape future of community.
Tri-City Herald. March 30, 2014  

City of Kennewick: Making progress through planning, partnership.
Tri-City Herald. March 30, 2014  

Construction may begin in fall on wine-inspired development along Columbia Drive.
Tri-City Herald.  March 30, 2014  

Port of Kennewick, Corps to improve Clover Island shoreline.
Tri-City Herald. March 25, 2014 

Columbia Drive Development: Kennewick reports interest in grape waste treatment plant.
Tri-City Herald. March 14, 2014  

Workers begin removing fuel tanks at former Vista Field Airport in Kennewick.
Tri-City Herald. March 3, 2014  

Vista Field moves forward.
KEPR TV. March 3, 2014 

Columbia Gardens highest priority. Officials tell port progress made on boutique wine village.
Tri-City Herald. February 26, 2014  

Port of Kennewick moves forward on Vista Field airport tank removal.
Tri-City Herald. February 23, 2014  

In Focus:  Vista Field: What’s in it for everyone.
Tri-City Herald.  January 24, 2014  

Moonrise over Clover Island.
Tri-City Herald.  January 15, 2014  

Port of Kennewick busy in 2014.
Tri-City Herald. January 14, 2014  

Kennewick entertainment district to expand.
Tri-City Herald.  January 14, 2014  

Giant “X’s” painted on Vista Field runway.
Tri-City Herald Week in Photos (photo #4). January 4, 2014  

Vista Field runway no more.
Tri-City Herald. January 2, 2014