Mobile Vendor Lease Application

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Company Information

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Please upload/provide the following documents:

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  • City of Kennewick business license.
  • Proof of registration with the State of Washington.
  • Proof of Benton Franklin Health District compliance for food truck/cart/equipment.
  • Hood Cleaning inspection report.
  • Kennewick Fire Department inspection report.
  • Proof of Insurance listing Port of Kennewick as additional insured.

Maximum file size: 314.57MB

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Tenant Operation Information

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Rules & Regulations (See lease terms for further requirements):

  1. Tenant agrees to post days and hours of operation in any/all promotional efforts including socialmedia, websites, marketing collateral and public relations efforts.
  2. Prohibited Items in Food Truck Plaza – weapons, tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol.
  3. Tenant shall keep the premises in a neat, clean, and sanitary condition at all times. Tenant shall keep all improvements to the Premises in good condition and void of debris including but not limited to, gum, glass/glass bottles, condiment packages, wrappers, snap pops, stink bombs, silly string, confetti or similar items including tape and string.
  4. Tenant shall keep the Premises and any shared areas including outdoor seating areas in neat, orderly, and sanitary condition to include the control/prevention of rodents, insects and pests. Tenant to provide one (1) garbage cans located outside of mobile food unit; emptied and stored each day.
  5. All hoses (water and sewer) and electrical cords are subject to inspection prior to entering the food truck plaza. Food truck plaza must be free of tripping hazards.
  6. No storage is allowed on premises including but not limited to vehicles, food trucks, trailers, carts and containers without Landlord’s written permission.
  7. Tenant’s days and hours of operation will be on a schedule subject to Landlord approval. Tenant’s operating less than 5 days per week and 4 hours per day are subject to sharing mobile vendor space with another Tenant at Landlord’s discretion.
  8. Violations - Should tenant violate terms and conditions the following shall occur:
    1. First violation – Verbal warning
    2. Second violation – Written warning Third
    3. violation – Termination of lease

The following list is intended to be a resource only and is not intended to be all inclusive.

  • City of Kennewick Seasonal Food Vendor rules and guidelines,
  • Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD) regulations, food business permit, food handlers cards, commissary of record.
  • Compliance as required by the City of Kennewick (business license & KMC 18.12.250), Benton-Franklin Health District and/or State of Washington (UBI, state registration, L&I, vehicle registration, etc).

Application must be signed and completed in its entirety or may be subject to disqualification.

I authorize the Port of Kennewick to obtain information concerning the statements and/or accounts on this application. Applicant acknowledges that all leases are subject to approval by the Port of Kennewick Commission and that any verbal or email communications between port staff and applicant do not constitute an oral agreement between the two parties.