Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request
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Pursuant to RCW 42.56.070 (9), the Port of Kennewick is not authorized to provide access to lists of individuals for commercial purposes. Is the list of individuals being requested for commercial purposes? *

Inspection and copy of identifiable Port documents or a response to this request shall be provided promptly and not to exceed five (5) working days. Staff will promptly notify their supervisor or designee of any anticipated delay and the reason for the delay. Should the requested information be deemed exempt from disclosure, the requester shall be notified in writing.

The Port of Kennewick charges $.15 per page for standard black and white photocopies; however, the Port may elect to use a commercial copying center. The Port of Kennewick charges out-of-pocket costs for nonstandard copies (color copies, blueprints, or photographs), out-of-pocket costs for outside services, and out-of-pocket costs for postage/shipping.