Vista Field

Creating a Regional Town Center

Vista Field water features and landscaping that were completed during the phase one infrastructure work.

Port of Kennewick is following a community-driven master plan to transform the 103-acre Vista Field site into a regional town center.

Vista Field is at the commercial core of Tri-Cities, Washington, near the Columbia Center Mall and adjacent to the City of Kennewick’s Vista Entertainment District, which includes the Three Rivers Convention Center and Toyota Center.

The development will feature a network of finely-grained streets with wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and other urban lifestyle amenities. Vista Field will foster new jobs, housing options, civic amenities, entertainment and recreational opportunities that everyone can enjoy.

There will be a mix of residential options appealing to various ages and incomes at full build-out, including single-family homes, condos, multi-family housing, spaces for mother-in-law cottages, and even opportunities for places to live above and work below.

Port of Kennewick, City of Kennewick and Benton County have worked together on planning for Vista Field’s renovation.

Information for Builders & Realtors

Land for private-sector commercial and residential development will become available throughout the various phases of Vista Field development – with the first parcels anticipated to be ready for sale in late 2021.

Once lots become available, opportunities will be posted on the Vista Field page in the Lease & Sale Opportunities section of the website.

Vista Field Plans & Standards Documents

Builders should review all the documents below, which contain important information about the Collaborative Design Process. These Vista Field development proposal documents identify how opportunities will be publicly noticed and how proposals will be received, evaluated and accepted.

Master Plan

Port Commission Approved October 24, 2017 – Kennewick City Council Adopted December 5, 2017

Project Pattern Language

February 9, 2015

Design Precedents Library

An Evolving Document Draft as of September 16, 2016

Vista Field FAQs

February 17, 2022

For More Information

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Real Estate & Operations

Redevelopment Progress

Phase One Initial Infrastructure
Vista Field aerial before redevelopment efforts begin.
Vista Field before redevelopment efforts begin.
Artist rendition of Vista Field phase one initial infrastructure.
Artist's Rendering of Vista Field Phase One
The new Azure Drive spans the center of the Vista Field development.
Vista Field Progress - 11.20.20
Crews installed waterways during the initial phase of construction at Vista Field.
Vista Field Progress - 11.20.20
An evening image of the hangars and waterway near one entrance into Vista Field.
Vista Field Progress - 11.20.20
Water spilling over rocks in a Vista Field waterway.
Vista Field Progress - 11.20.20
Stairs line sections of the Vista Field waterway for people to sit and enjoy the view.
Vista Field Progress - 11.20.20
A waterway feature runs alongside the sidewalk in parts of Vista Field.
Vista Field Progress - 11.20.20
An aerial showing the new Crosswind Blvd installed across Vista Field.
Vista Field Progress - 11.20.20
A waterway feature flows through Vista Field.
Vista Field Progress - 11.16.20
Crews test a Vista Field fountain.
Vista Field Progress - 11.16.20

The Vista Field redevelopment will happen in phases.

The initial site infrastructure encompasses streets, sidewalks, utilities, and landscaping at the center of Vista Field. This early work will open nearly 20 acres and include a linear park, waterway and retail plaza. Once the initial phase is complete, shovel-ready land will be available for private sector commercial, retail, and residential development. The Port will use proceeds from Vista Field land sales to complete additional infrastructure that will open the next phase of development.

Long-term plans include a network of small-scale streets, focusing on walking, biking, public transit, and interconnecting a variety of neighborhoods within the development. Dotted with green spaces, waterways, pathways, civic buildings, and public facilities, Vista Field will be filled with unique shops and local restaurants, cafes, and offices. There will be places for shopping and dining, areas focused on entertainment and open public spaces, and spaces that recognize and celebrate local history.

Artist Renderings

Vista Field full-site redevelopment plan.
Vista Field Full-Site Redevelopment Plan
Artist rendering aerial view of phase one development at Vista Field.
Phase One at Build-Out
Artist rendering of residential structures in phase one development at Vista Field.
Residential Shared Streets
Artist rendering aerial view of a shared street - or Woonerf concept - in phase one development at Vista Field.
Woonerf – or Shared Street
Artist rendering of a water feature in the first phase of development at Vista Field.
Water Feature
Artist rendering of the Vista Field phase one infrastructure work.
Phase One Initial Infrastructure
Artist rendering aerial view of phase one development at Vista Field.
Phase One at Build-Out
Artist rendering of a commercial area in the first phase of development at Vista Field.
Commercial Shared Streets
Artist rendering of a fountain and some business and residential buildings in the first phase of development at Vista Field.
Live – Work Spaces

Recreation & Activities

Coming Soon

New Urbanism Approach

The Vista Field model is very different from typical developments seen in many cities. As envisioned, Vista Field will be redeveloped using a New Urbanism model – a neighborhood-scale planning approach focused on mixed-uses, vibrant public spaces, multi-modal access, pedestrian-scale streets, and a density of development not typically found within the Tri-Cities region.

Once complete, the site will have many distinctive features and look more like city blocks found within historic downtown areas with diverse local businesses, cozy neighborhoods and public plazas. These types of town center developments, that meld cultures and bring vibrancy to communities are sought after, and the Port heard clearly from citizens during the master planning process that this type of development is what they want.

Economic Catalyst

Vista Field Full-Site Redevelopment Plan
Vista Field full-site redevelopment plan.

Vista Field redevelopment is purposely different. An economic analysis concluded that an unmet demand exists for mixed housing, commercial, office, hospitality, and entertainment opportunities. The years-long public planning process confirmed the community’s deep interest in this locally unprecedented development.

Beyond establishing an urban core in the Tri-Cities, the redevelopment of Vista Field will add both taxpayer equity and value to this community and the broader region. At the completion of the entire 103-acre Vista Field site, economic projections indicate redevelopment could mean as many as 1,000 residential units, 3,380 jobs, $460 million in private sector investment, $51 million in new infrastructure, and $408 million in new (taxable) buildings. The additional property taxes generated by the development would provide new revenues for police, fire, hospital, libraries, schools, parks, and other services.

Community Engagement & Charrette

The Port led a multi-year effort to involve the public in the planning for the future of this unique asset. The public involvement process utilized surveys, meetings, a pattern-language workshop, a week-long public charrette series, and a citizen oversight committee to gather comprehensive input about what the community desired to see at the Vista Field site.

Through these efforts, citizens identified and advocated for Vista Field to become a lively, urban core. Small-scale city blocks with pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, a mix of work and open spaces, restaurants, and shops were identified as essential elements.

The concepts and details included in the Vista Field Redevelopment Master Plan are the results of the community’s substantial and valuable feedback, and the close collaboration between the Port, City of Kennewick, other partners, and the public throughout the planning process.

Charrette Overview

November 10, 2014

Summary Video of Final Charrette Session
Special Commission Meeting To Present Design Plans and Conceptual Renderings


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